Last updated: August 17, 2022

Undersun Fitness Band Warranty: We take pride in the quality of our fitness bands.  They are constructed using only quality materials and the highest production standards.  For this reason, we warranty all our bands for one full year from the purchase date.

Safety:  Care and awareness should be taken when using our bands and other equipment.  Always make sure that the products, especially the bands, are properly maintained (see our FAQ’s page).  If any issues arise, please notify us immediately.

Band Wear and Care: All bands will eventually wear out. For this reason, all bands should always be closely inspected for any signs of wear or damage prior to each use.

All Undersun Fitness Bands come with a one-year conditional warranty.  The only conditions we impose are:

  • The bands are not older than one year from the original purchase date.
  • The bands being requested for replacement must not have been replaced within this period. Please be sure to read about band care to maximize the life of your bands.
  • The bands must not have been misused. “Misuse” is defined as any misapplication of the band, which includes using the band on or with any surface or apparatus that is not smooth, using the wrong size band in conjunction with an exercise, or using the band for any other purpose than its intended use.
  • The bands must not have been neglected. “Neglected” means cuts, soiled, exposure to oil products and extreme temperatures, over-stretching, etc. We understand that occasionally a band will have a manufacturing defect or simply fails. When that happens, please reach out to our customer service team.
  • The bands must not have been cleaned with anything other than mild soap and water. These are the only cleaning agents that are recommended for cleaning the bands. (Use of any chemical agents to sterilize or clean the bands is prohibited, as this will deteriorate the bands and rapidly increase the chance of breaking.)

Band Use with Equipment: If the bands are being used with a bar, machine, or apparatus, be certain that the contact surface is smooth and free of any burrs, knurling or sharp edges that might cut, abrade or damage the band. As the bands are constructed of latex rubber, any contact with oil can also cause the band to degrade and/or break.

Warranty Claims: If there is an issue with one of our bands, we may request that it be returned to us for inspection.  Upon receipt of the item, we will review the bands, and if we deem the bands are being misused or neglected, we can refuse to warranty the bands. We will make a determination concerning the validity of the claim and whether or not we will replace it.  Please note, if misuse of a product is evident, or the purchase date or proof of purchase cannot be substantiated, then the warranty is void.  Further, an intentionally false warranty claim will result in voiding the warranty on all products that have been purchased by the customer. All replacement shipping costs are to be incurred by the customer.

How to apply for a warranty claim:

  • Contact us via email: support@undersunfitness.com
  • Attach pictures of the broken band
  • Description of how the band was being utilized when it was damaged
  • The order number from your purchase

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